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Slump At The Pump

by Stefan Wermuth A dramatic drop in oil prices is translating into a mixed bag for motorists across the globe – from hefty savings at the pump in the United States to a rare fuel price hike in Venezuela. Oil prices have dropped nearly 70 percent in the past 20 months, driven down by a… Keep Reading


Five reasons to drink your sake warm

By Hiroko Shimbo The dogma about sake today is that high-quality versions must be served chilled, but that is a total misconception. In fact, there are many quality sakes that are best enjoyed warmed. It’s true that sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, was once consumed warmed if its quality was not good enough to… Keep Reading


The Family Meal: How serving and sharing sustain us

By Diane Fresquez Part of what makes eating together so pleasurable, in any language or culture, is the conversation. But when London-based photographer Chris Terry was in Niger photographing an ordinary family enjoying a spaghetti dinner, he was surprised that no one spoke. “It’s a great privilege to have food to eat,” explained the grandmother,… Keep Reading


Japan’s suicide forests

By: Stephanie Almazan Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is a natural wonder that beckons 200,000 to 300,000 climbers a year. Adventurers are eager to conquer the mountain’s snow-capped peak—a high point in anyone’s life. But lurking in Mount Fuji’s shadow is a sinister attraction with its own set of visitors who arrive but… Keep Reading

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