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Exit Netflix?

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Courtesy Giphy
Courtesy Giphy

MovieSwap is ridiculously brilliant, it’s one of those ideas where you’re left wondering, why didn’t I think of it?

The Kickstarter Campaign achieved its goal in less than a week and is still going strong with 30 days to go. If you wanted an alternative to Netflix because they don’t have the movie you’re looking for or your VPN service has been blocked  you’re sick of paying subscription fees, this might be the ticket you’re looking for.

The service claims to be legal because you are effectively swapping movies instead of just streaming it. MovieSwap have claimed to have 200,000 titles in their library already. Although it is a far cry from the few million they intend to have, you can see how it is gaining traction.

Another interesting development was the backing from Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President of VLC.

Furthermore, this service enables you to access all those delicious features available only to DVDs like bonus content, extra audio channels like DTS and commentary.

MovieSwap looks like it might actually be disrupting a disruptor, one that is worth over US$40bn. This might be massive. Let’s hope that they did all the legal homework. We’re intrigued. What do you think?

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